It’s time to hit the reset button.

It’s a fresh take on exploring your Australian backyard in Mudgee Region.

For the love of self, family, and friends – travelling here will leave you feeling balanced, recentred.

From reconnecting with a stunning country landscape and wellness moments, to rediscovering vibrant art and culture, to reimagining wine and foodie delights. In Mudgee Region, they keep it real, fuss-free.

Enjoy it your way. Check out what’s on offer with our range of carefully curated experiences and packages, then design your ideal itinerary.

You can feel the love in the Mudgee Region, and you’ll be all the better for it.

Explore our towns and villages

Ilford Dam Sydney Windamere gulgong mudgee rylstone kandos capertee hill end
Mudgee to Sydney

Mudgee to Gulgong = 29km

Mudgee to Rylstone = 57km

Mudgee to Kandos = 64km

Mudgee to Hill End = 75km

Mudgee to Capertee = 81km

Gulgong to Mudgee = 29km

Gulgong to Rylstone = 86km

Gulgong to Kandos = 93km

Gulgong to Hill End = 94km

Gulgong to Capertee = 110km

Rylstone to Kandos = 7km

Rylstone to Capertee = 53km

Rylstone to Mudgee = 57km

Rylstone to Gulgong = 86km

Rylstone to Hill End = 91km

Kandos to Rylstone = 7km

Kandos to Capertee = 45km

Kandos to Mudgee = 64km

Kandos to Hill End = 85km

Kandos to Gulgong = 93km

Hill End to Mudgee = 75km

Hill End to Kandos = 85km

Hill End to Capertee = 90km

Hill End to Rylstone = 91km

Hill End to Gulgong = 94km

Capertee to Kandos = 45km

Capertee to Rylstone = 53km

Capertee to Mudgee = 81km

Capertee to Hill End = 90km

Capertee to Gulgong = 110km

Here’s a taste of what Mudgee Region has to offer

Wine Lovers + Foodie Finds

Winemakers and local producers across the Mudgee Region are extraordinarily passionate about impressing your palate.

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Remarkable Arts, Music + Creativity

With stunning heritage streetscapes and museums run by passionate people, to boutique and chic shopping precincts and galleries and studios, you’ll find yourself wishing you’d stayed another day.

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Sport + Leisure

There are lots of ways to explore Mudgee Region. Imagine yourself on a bicycle with the fresh country air filling your lungs, kayaking through stunning gorges, reeling in tonight’s catch or hitting the sticks at one of our lush golf courses.

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Wellness + Nature

Our great outdoors provides a wide range of nature experiences from a bird lovers paradise to Aboriginal rock art, from picturesque picnic areas to rewarding bush walks. Lap it up and enjoy it all.

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