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Viewable at WAYOUT Art Space, 71 Angus Avenue Kandos, Thursday to Sunday 10am – 2pm

Opening Evening: Saturday November 7 from 4pm – 6pm (bookings essential)

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In Obsolete? Artist Fiona MacDonald proposes that the museum itself is an engineered machine for achieving certain objectives.

She works with photomontage to transform registration photographs in the collection of yesterday’s bearers of imagined capital accumulation, here propelled into heroic action. (Medical photographer Mike Oakey took the photos.) We hear the wheels creaking as her tin apparatus of Otherness sets out on the rocky road from the inequality of a company town to equality. Other images dust off the rust and transform dross to gold, at least metaphorically, with an Olympian pillar of typewriters or a Herculean set of timepieces ticking together like worker bees in the hive.

Fiona MacDonald’s Obsolete? collages mirror the wildlands of community collections and veer from the anti-canonical and comic to the profound, etched with individual hopes, follies and tragedies: a strategy that sheds light on how in-groups assign value and claim History.


OBSOLETE? Art Exhibition By Fiona McDonald

71 Angus Avenue, Kandos


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