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Peter Griffen - Rosby Mudgee
Peter Griffen - Rosby Mudgee
Peter Griffen - Rosby Mudgee
Peter Griffen - Rosby Mudgee
Peter Griffen - Rosby Mudgee
Peter Griffen - Rosby Mudgee

Event Details

Enjoy a weekend of hands-on experimental abstract painting in acrylic. Drawing media and techniques can be used as well. Loosen up and create where anything goes! Starting with ‘abstract loosening up’ exercises, taking a line for a walk and splashing with colour, participants in the workshop will begin to work in their own individual ways following on from these beginnings.

Responses to still life objects in the studio will then be concentrated on using free form approximations and abstractions. Collaging, pouring, scraping etc. will be emphasized, and the participants are encouraged to invent, and experiment with discovered new techniques.

Demonstrations and appropriate suggestions will be made when needed. Reference material on contemporary art will be available.

The use of intuition and free thinking will be particularly encouraged as well as the development of vivid colour.

On the second day participants will work in the same free and investigative way, perhaps starting new works and developing those already started.

Suitable for all levels, beginner to advanced.

$255pp: Bookings essential. Price is inclusive of workshop, complimentary lunch + Rosby wine.

Required Materials List

  • Acrylic Paint (Artist quality would be best and chose quantities to suit your budget.)
    White, larger amount than others, Black , “Warm” yellow , “Cool” yellow , “Warm” red , “Cool” red , “Warm” blue, “Cool” blue, Pthalo Green, Dioxazine Purple and Orange
  • Derivan (or Matisse) polymer gloss varnish 500ml
  • Brushes: A range of very fine to broad (6cm approx)
  • Paper: At least 20 sheets of cartridge paper, approx. 60×40 cm
  • Canvas: Stretched canvases of any size
  • Other:
    Spatula, Bucket, Small plastic containers, Rags and/or paper towels, Scissors and/or Stanley knife
  • Optional extras:
    Anything else that you wish to use such as: Found objects, old magazines, etc., for collage. Other acrylic paints, Pencils, Artist paper, Charcoal, Other painting surfaces, Left over water based house paint, Crayons Pens and inks, Pastels, Gesso, Trowel, Impasto medium, Acrylic painting medium

Some of the above materials list will be available for purchase at the workshop.

About the Tutor

Peter Griffen was carefully handpicked by the team at Rosby. He is a highly experienced and accomplished artist, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge and an exceptional learning environment. Peter’s passion for the arts is contagious and his determination to impart knowledge in an engaging, fun, interactive and supportive setting sets him apart.

The art of Peter Griffen is influenced as much by the classical painting of the Renaissance as by the serendipity of abstract expressionism. Indigenous art from different parts of the world (in particular Australia) and its relationship to the natural landscape influence his work also, producing powerful abstract images that speak from the past. Peter Griffen’s manifesto says that he believes that to make discoveries risks have to be taken and the traveller must get lost. He says a well-planned journey can only lead to an already known destination. And at some stage the painting must go out of control.

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