Milan Dhiiyaan means 'one family'. They exist to share Aboriginal culture among all Australians and all people of the earth to help create healthy relationships with one another and the earth.

Connect with stunning Wiradjuri Country on a guided tour with Milan Dhiiyaan in Goulburn River National Park.

Led by Wiradjuri traditional owners, with the support of Wiradjuri Elders, visitors will see beautiful places in the Australian bush and look at the land through Wiradjuri eyes.

The guides will take visitors through their Country, known as Wiradjuri Ngurambang by the local Wiradjuri People. Share in a spiritual smoking ceremony, hear singing in the Wiradjuri language, and find local bush tucker. Learn the names of things in the Wiradjuri language and connect with the land in a completely new way.

Tailored tours are available on demand based on preferred tour time, date, duration and inclusions to visitor's individual requirements.

Milan Dhiiyaan is a licensed commercial tour operator with a NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service Parks Eco Pass.


  • NSW - Mudgee Region Tourism
  • Indigenous experiences and/or cultural immersion
  • Aboriginal Culture
  • Nature & Wildlife

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