Self-contained Accommodation in Mudgee Region

Discover the heart of the Mudgee Region through carefully crafted fully self-contained accommodations. From delightful farm stays that bring rural life to your doorstep to snug cottages offering a secluded retreat amidst nature's wonders, Mudgee has a diverse array of options to cater to your preferences.

Imagine waking up surrounded by tranquil rural parkland, serenaded by the soothing sounds of the countryside, with a whole day ahead to explore, unwind, or savor the comforts of your private sanctuary. All on your own terms.

Whether you're seeking a reconnection with nature, planning memorable family adventures, or embarking on a romantic escapade, our self-contained accommodations feel like a warm and welcoming home away from home.

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Braeside House - Burnbrae Wines

Looking to escape the daily grind or need a digital detox, Braeside…
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Cullenbone Schoolhouse and Cottage

Cullenbone Schoolhouse and Cottage is a luxurious farmstay located on…
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Afton House Bed and Breakfast

Boasting four luxurious queen rooms and a deluxe queen apartment,…
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Mudgee's Getaway Cottages

Mudgee's Getaway Cottages offers seven beautiful homes and cottages…
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Grattai Grove

Grattai Grove is a 100-acre property about 15 minutes from Mudgee…
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Kundalini Lodge

Mudgee’s country eco cabin getaway, Kundalini Lodge is set on 25…
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Gooree Farm Stay

Located in the beautiful Mudgee Region, Gooree Park is a fully…
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Panorama House and Cottage

Welcome to Panorama House Luxury accommodation, a 3-bed home and…
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Flora Cottage

Recently stylishly renovated, guests will find Flora Cottage…
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Wallinga Farmstay - Mudgee

Wallinga Farmstay is a beautiful cottage on a private small family…
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Evanslea Luxury Boutique Accommodation

Minutes from the centre of Mudgee, but seemingly miles away from…
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Stay in Mudgee

If you're looking for accommodation that puts you right in the heart…
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Chabara Cottage

Chabara Cottage is a self-contained cottage on a 92-acre small farm…
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Hepburn Retreat

Retreat to nature at Hepburn Retreat, the perfect place to stay for a…
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Farmers Quarters

Welcome to your quarters!BJ + Gav invite you to admire the stunning…
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Mudgee Explorer Accommodation

Mudgee Explorer Accommodation is owned and run by a local business,…
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Glenayr Farm Mudgee

The perfect place to disconnect to reconnect.Set on a 320 acre…
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Rosby Guesthouse

Experience luxury accommodation at it's very best. Rosby Guesthouse…
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Elephant Mountain House

Hidden in the Pyangle Valley 38 kilometres East of Mudgee. Sit's a…
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The Red Rattler Retreat

The Red Rattler Retreat is truly a unique rural train carriage…
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Sierra Escape

Sierra Escape is Mudgee's award winning and premiere Luxury Eco…
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Bandalong Cottages

An award winning 4 1/2 Star Accredited Rating self contained…
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Ballantyne at Bombira

Soak up Mudgee’s picturesque landscape from the comfort of Ballantyne…
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Evamor Valley

Mudgee’s Evamor Valley luxury eco-glamping is your perfect…
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Shawwood Cottage

Spectacular luxury farm stay in a spacious and stylish well appointed…
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Abingdon House

Abingdon House is a luxurious four bedroom, three bathroom…
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Hideaway Domes

Set amongst a beautiful backdrop of natural Australian bushland, the…
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Xenya Accommodation

Xenya Accommodation's - Willow guesthouse is a luxury serviced…
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Ningana Heritage Houses

The Ningana Heritage Houses, established around 1879 with many…
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The Ori Cottage

Comfortable cottage in the heart of Mudgee. Perfectly situated next…
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Wildnest Farmstay

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Capertee Valley in…
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Skimstone Guesthouse

Perfect for an idyllic countryside getaway. Escape to the enchanting…
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Owl Head Lodge

Surrounded by vineyards and offering lovely countryside views, Owl…
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Wilgowrah - A Country Escape

Wilgowrah is an historic and picturesque rural property which…
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Bubbletent Australia

In an Australian first, Bubbletent Australia are introducing a…
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Stay on the Park Mudgee Accommodation

Perfect Location - Elegance, Spacious, Comfort and Privacy.In the…
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Wandarra Homestead

Welcome to Wandarra Homestead, a luxury escape that’s nestled in the…
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Avoca House Mudgee

Avoca House is a fantastic heritage-listed holiday home in the…
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The Creek

‘The Creek' is a self contained "home away from home".Located just 10…
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Fairleys Mudgee

Sprawling acreage with stunning views only 10 minutes from Mudgee and…
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La Loft Mudgee

La Loft is a miraculous mix of heritage and modernism. It’s an…


What types of self-contained accommodations are available in the Mudgee Region?

In the Mudgee Region, you can choose from a variety of self-contained accommodations to suit your preferences. Options include one-bedroom cottages surrounded by serene rural parkland, cozy cabins with modern bathroom facilities, and spacious retreats with river frontage. Whether you prefer to relax by a wood fire or enjoy the view from your private balcony, you'll find fully self-contained havens perfect for your stay!

What are the benefits of choosing self-contained accommodations in the Mudgee Region?

Choosing self-contained accommodations in Mudgee has great perks. You'll enjoy your own space, wake up to nature's sounds, and even cook at your own pace in a well-equipped kitchen. Plus, it feels just like home, so you can stick to your routine, whether it's your daily morning walks, coffee ritual or workout.

Is it possible to book wine tours from self-contained accommodations?

Absolutely! Many self-contained accommodations in the region offer convenient access to wine tours, allowing you to explore the local wineries and taste the region's renowned wines without hassle. Book a wine tour now!

Are the self-contained accommodations in the Mudgee Region suitable for families with children?

Yes, many of Mudgee’s self-contained accommodations are perfect for a memorable family getaway. With plenty of room to spread out, spacious cabins and retreats provide the ideal setting for families to relax and create cherished memories together. Plus, don't forget about such region’s attractions as children’s animal farm and the variety of relaxing picnic spots—they're ideal for enjoying quality family time amidst the beauty of the region.

Can I find self-contained accommodations and farm stays within Mudgee Region's towns and villages, or are they typically located outside of the city?

In Mudgee Region, you'll discover a wide range of self-contained accommodations and farm stays, both within the towns and villages and nestled amidst scenic rural landscapes. Many of these accommodations are just a short walk from the Mudgee CBD, allowing you to enjoy shopping, explore the charming town, or relax amidst the beauty of the olive grove. So, whether you prefer the convenience of staying close to the Mudgee town centre or the tranquillity of the countryside—we’ve got you.

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