Attractions and experiences in Mudgee NSW and surrounds

Try your hand at one of these immersive experiences, you’ll go home with new skills, memorable moments and a story to tell to remind you of your connection with this special place. There are so many things to do in Mudgee and surrounds.

Attractions in the Mudgee Region

Step into the Mudgee region, a delightful blend of wine, art, history, and nature. As you explore the variety of Mudgee attractions, you'll find yourself immersed in experiences that resonate with the soul.

Begin your exploration at one of our renowned vineyards. Here, cellar doors invite you in for a unique wine-tasting experience where each glass of wine reflects Mudgee region's unique character and the dedication of its winemakers.

As you explore further, the region’s history as a gold mining area unfolds. Heritage buildings, standing tall and proud, echo tales of a time filled with dreams of gold and prosperity. These architectural gems, alongside local museums, offer a glimpse into the vibrant tapestry of Mudgee Region’s past.

But the allure of the Mudgee Region doesn't stop at its wineries and rich history. Art enthusiasts will find joy in places that celebrate local creativity, where artworks capture the essence of the region. And for those who seek the embrace of nature, the serene landscapes of the Goulburn River National Park will provide a refreshing escape.


What is so special about Mudgee Region wine?

With its rich soil and favourable climate, Mudgee Region boasts a variety of esteemed wineries. When you step into these vineyards, you're stepping into a world where each wine has a story and a unique character. At each cellar door, visitors are introduced to wines that echo the region's unique terroir, crafted with passion and precision. These intimate tasting room encounters, enriched by the insights of knowledgeable staff, ensure that every sip tells a story.

Can I combine a wine tour with a visit to historic buildings in Mudgee?

Absolutely! Mudgee offers a unique blend of viticultural experiences and a rich history. Start your day with a wine tour, sampling the region's finest wines and learning about the winemaking process. Post your wine adventure, take a leisurely stroll through the towns, where historic buildings stand as testaments to Mudgee's golden past. These architectural wonders, combined with the vineyard visits, make for a day filled with flavour and history.

Are there local restaurants where I can sample authentic Mudgee food?

Yes, Mudgee Region is not just about its wines but also its culinary delights. The region is home to a variety of local restaurants that pride themselves on serving dishes crafted from authentic Mudgee ingredients. By sourcing fresh produce directly from local farms, these eateries ensure that every meal is a true reflection of the region's rich flavours.

Are there any natural attractions in the Mudgee region?

Indeed, Mudgee Region is a haven for those who cherish the great outdoors. The region is adorned with a range of natural attractions, from rolling hills and verdant valleys to serene dams and dense bush. Whether it's hiking through scenic trails, bird-watching in tranquil settings, or simply picnicking amidst nature's beauty, there's something for everyone.

Are there any cultural attractions for art lovers in Mudgee?

Absolutely! The Mudgee Region is more than just scenic vistas and exquisite wines—the region thrives as a hub for art and culture. There are so many venues where art aficionados can explore a myriad of artworks, from contemporary designs to age-old classics, all curated by the region's gifted artisans. Additionally, Mudgee is home to several museums that chronicle the area's rich history and cultural evolution.

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