Walks in Mudgee NSW and surrounds

The Mudgee Region is home to a wide range of stunning walks – from a bird lovers paradise at Putta Bucca Wetlands to Aboriginal rock art at Hands On Rock and many more routes with varying degrees of difficulty and length.

Get out and enjoy the beautiful natural surrounds and take time to reconnect with nature.

Walks In The Mudgee Region

Discover the Mudgee Region through a captivating tapestry of walking trails that seamlessly blend cultural heritage, artistic expression, and the wonders of nature. From the ancient Aboriginal rock art sites to the iconic Gulgong Symbols Trail, history enthusiasts will be enthralled. Art lovers can indulge in the exquisite sculptures along Mudgee's dedicated trail, while nature enthusiasts of all levels will find their perfect match amidst the diverse flora and fauna. With options in Gulgong, Rylstone, Kandos, and Mudgee, there's a walk for everyone, offering an immersive experience in this region's rich cultural and natural tapestry. Whether you're a seasoned bushwalker or a family looking for a leisurely stroll, the Mudgee Region's walking trails promise an unforgettable adventure.


What are the must-visit walking trails in the Mudgee Region?

Explore a diverse range of walking trails across Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone and Kandos, each offering unique experiences from cultural insights to immersion through nature.

What is the cultural significance of the Mudgee Region's walking trails?

Many of the walking trails in the Mudgee Region are steeped in Wiradjuri history showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of this area. Discover ancient rock art sites, historic landmarks, and indigenous heritage along these trails. Make your way 50km out of Mudgee on the Ulan Road to The Drip and Hands on Rock where you can see stencils of hands made by the Wiradjuri people.

Are there specific walks for art enthusiasts in the Mudgee Region?

Absolutely! The Lawson Park Sculpture Walk in Mudgee is a haven for art lovers. Experience a curated display of stunning artworks purchased each year by Mid-Western Regional Council and Sculptures in the Garden, adding to the growing collection of sculptures. Meander through the beautiful surrounds while you awe at the impressive sculpture collection, offering a perfect blend of art and nature. Click here to access the Lawson Park Sculpture Walk Itinerary and follow a map of the walk, including information on each individual artwork.

What is the Gulgong Symbols Trail and why is it significant?

The Gulgong Symbols Trail is a historic journey through Gulgong, known for its iconic gold rush era. The secret traveller's language was used internationally, by the gypsies of Europe and carried by migrations to the hobos of America and the swaggies of Australia. Local identity and well-known potter Chester Nealie was commissioned by our local Council to research the symbols and make decorative paving tiles representing this secret language. Wander Gulgong's historic streets and see how many you can find and what they refer to. Look around and see if you can find some of the humorous locations like the ones that say 'dangerous drinking water'(outside the pubs!).

Are there walks suitable for nature lovers of all skill levels in the Mudgee Region?

Indeed! The Mudgee Region boasts a wide range of walks, catering to every level of nature lover. From easy strolls like Putta Bucca Wetlands to challenging steep climbs such as the final climb at Munghorn Gap Nature Reserve, there are options for everyone, ensuring a fulfilling experience surrounded by the region's stunning flora and fauna.

Are there long-distance walks available in the Mudgee Region for avid hikers?

For avid hikers, the Mudgee Region offers long-distance trails such as meandering through the many options at Wollemi National Park or completing multiple walks at Ferntree Gully which promise a challenging yet immensely rewarding experience. Immerse yourself in the untouched wilderness, uncovering the region's hidden gems.

What are the best times to visit the Mudgee Region for a walking adventure?

While the Mudgee Region is captivating year-round, the best times for walking adventures are typically during the cooler months of spring and autumn. Mild temperatures and blooming flora enhance the overall experience. Although walking in Mudgee should not be limited to the moderate months. Walking in winter is wonderful to warm up the entire body, and in Summer - bathing in the sandy river that you discover at the end of The Drip or going for a kayak or well-earned swim after trekking through Ganguddy-Dunns Swamp is a great way to cool down.

How can I plan a walking itinerary to explore the Mudgee Region comprehensively?

To make the most of your visit, plan a well-rounded itinerary that includes a mix of cultural, artistic, and nature-focused walks across Mudgee, Gulgong, Rylstone, and Kandos. Drop-in to the visitor centre at 90 Market Street, Mudgee or give our experience experts a call on (02) 6372 1020 to get the best local tips & advice.

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