Mudgee not only offers picturesque landscapes for your ride but also boasts a rich tapestry of wineries and breweries to explore. If you’re a cycling enthusiast planning to participate, you’re in for a treat! Mudgee not only offers picturesque landscapes for your ride but also boasts a rich tapestry of wineries and breweries to explore. Here’s a list of must-visit spots, perfect for a warm-up or cool-down ride, with ample space for your trusty two-wheeler.

Warm-Up Rides

1. Rosby Wine & Gallery: Where Creativity Meets Craftsmanship

Kickstart your exploration of Mudgee's cultural scene with a visit to the enchanting Rosby Wine & Gallery, nestled just 15 kilometres from the heart of town. Delight your senses as you savour a diverse selection of meticulously crafted wines, each bottle a testament to the harmonious marriage of traditional techniques and innovative approaches to winemaking. Take a moment to soak in the panoramic vistas of the rolling vineyards while you enjoy a leisurely wine tasting experience with plenty of room to leave your bike. Don't forget to wander through the captivating art gallery & sculptures garden, where a curated collection of contemporary works awaits, adding an extra layer of inspiration to your visit.

Mudgee Winery

Bike-Friendly Amenities: Rosby Wine & Gallery offers convenient bike parking facilities, ensuring a hassle-free arrival for cycling enthusiasts. The scenic ride up the driveway, framed by rows of lush grapevines, sets the tone for a truly memorable experience.

Address: 1223 Rosby Rd, Eurunderee (15km from town)

Opening Hours: 10am–5pm Thursday to Sunday

2. Robert Stein Winery: Where Tradition Meets Terroir

Embark on your Mudgee adventure with a visit to the picturesque Robert Stein Winery, situated a leisurely 12 kilometres outside of town. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey as you sample a diverse array of wines, crafted through a seamless blend of traditional and innovative winemaking techniques, while taking in the breathtaking views of the sprawling vineyard. Indulge your palate further with charcuterie tastings featuring succulent pork sourced directly from the on-site farm. And, as you explore the grounds, be sure to meander through the vintage motorcycle museum, where the allure of the ‘other’ two-wheeled marvels makes this a must-see destination.

Robert S Tein

Bike-Friendly Amenities: They provide ample bike parking, and the ride up the driveway through the vineyard is spectacular.

Address: 62 Quarry Lane, Budgee Budgee (12km from town)

Opening Hours: 10am–4:30pm 7 days a week

3. 791 Estate: A Hidden Gem in the Hills

Explore the undulating terrains leading to 791 Estate, a hidden gem nestled in the hills. The ride itself is a visual feast – you will see why Mudgee is named the ‘nest in the hills’. 791 Estate is a boutique, small batch winery that offers wonderful wine, friendly service and knockout views. Have a chat to owner Fiona, while sipping your wine of choice and indulging in one of their light lunch or platter options. A truly sensational way to spend an afternoon.

M 791 Estate 00015 medium

Bike-Friendly Amenities: Rest assured, there’s plenty of space for your bikes, and the friendly staff will gladly accommodate your cycling gear.

Address: 791 Ulan Road, Budgee Budgee (10km from town)

Opening Hours: 10am–4pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Cool-Down Rides

4. Slowfox Winery: Unwind in Style

Ease into the end of your ride at Slowfox Winery, where the ambiance is as delightful as the wines. Owners Kate and Rob have made this boutique cellar door a truly special place to visit, with plenty of outdoor seating filled with retro furniture and décor. There’s plenty of space for the peloton to sit, unwind and savour the sunshine, while sipping on spectacular wine in style.


Bike-Friendly Amenities: With spacious grounds and a relaxed atmosphere, Slowfox is perfect for cyclists looking to unwind with a glass of their favourite drop.

Address: 196 Black Springs Road, Budgee Budgee (10km from town)

Opening Hours: 11am–5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

5. Lowe Family Wine Co: Sustainable Sipping

Conclude your cycling adventure at Lowe Wines, known for its sustainable practices and exquisite wines. David Lowe is committed to using biodynamic and organic processes to ensure everything that grows in his vineyard is sustainable and eco-friendly, as well as being outstanding quality. Sample their wine and see for yourself! Lowe Wines offers a spectacular vista with stunning views of the vineyard, gardens and dam, and plenty of outdoor bike-friendly seating. Lowe Wines is also home to a menagerie of animals for you to meet, including emus, donkeys and chickens!

Lowe Family Wine Co Mudgee Region NSW

Bike-Friendly Amenities: Lowe Wines welcomes cyclists with open arms, offering plenty of space and a spectacular ride through the grounds to the cellar door.

Address: Tinja Lane, Mudgee (9km from town)

Opening Hours: 10am–5pm 7 days a week

Refuel at Mudgee’s Breweries

6. Three Tails Brewery & Smokehouse: Triple the Fun

Conclude your Mudgee Classic journey at Three Tails where they offer a diverse selection of craft beers, local wines, cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant on site – Smokin’ Bro & Co – serves a low and slow American BBQ style menu that is sure to hit the spot after a long day cycling. With regular live music and entertainment, Three Tails is the perfect place to wind down.

Three Tails Brewery and Smokehouse Mudgee Region

Bike-Friendly Amenities: The spacious outdoor seating allows you to keep an eye on your bikes while you relish your well-deserved brew.

Address: 13A Lewis Street, Mudgee

Opening Hours: 5–9pm Wednesday & Thursday

12–10pm Friday & Saturday

12–7pm Sunday

7. Small Batch Brewery & Hop Farm: Craft Beer Haven

Once you’ve conquered the cycling trails, head to Small Batch Brewery for a refreshing array of craft beers set amongst a serene backdrop. Owners Anton and Amanda will guide you through their passion project, explaining the flavours and history of each ale. If the ride out there has left you famished, order one of their gourmet toasties – sure to refuel you for your next stop.

Small batch brewery mudgee NSW

Bike-Friendly Amenities: Keep your bike with you and sit in the courtyard enjoying the laid-back vibe and refreshing beverages – an ideal spot to swap stories of the road.

Address: 713 Black Springs Road, Mudgee (14km from town)

Opening Hours: 11am–5pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday

8. Mudgee Brewing Co: A Taste of the Countryside

Embrace the rustic charm at Mudgee Brewing Co, where you can savour locally brewed beers in the middle of town. Enjoy a sample paddle of excellent brews while feasting from an extensive menu, including favourites such as pizzas and burgers. There are plenty of options to keep every cyclist happy.

Mudgee Brewing Company Mudgee Region

Bike-Friendly Amenities: There’s no need to worry about your bike; the brewery has designated areas to keep your wheels safe and you can sit outside in the courtyard to keep your two-wheeler close by.

Address: 4 Church Street, Mudgee

Opening Hours: 12pm – 9pm Wednesday & Thursday

11am–9:30pm Friday & Saturday

11am–9pm Sunday

Remember, Mudgee Classic isn’t just about the race – it’s a celebration of the beautiful region and all it has to offer. So, saddle up, explore the trails, and reward yourself with the finest wines and brews Mudgee has to offer. Cheers to a fantastic ride!

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