Our great outdoors provides a wide range of nature experiences from a bird lovers paradise to Aboriginal rock art, from picturesque picnic areas to rewarding bush walks. Lap it up and enjoy it all.

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Ferntree Gully
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Putta Bucca Wetlands 

Located off Putta Bucca Road just north of Mudgee, a waterbird lover’s paradise exhibiting a wide range of flora and fauna. Easily accessed with a parking area and includes an easy 2km walk and two newly built bird hides. This is a recreational area for birdwatching, bicycle riding, fishing and walking. 

 Frog Rock

This unusual granite rock formation resembles a crouching frog and can be seen on the left-hand side of the Ulan Cassilis Road, 19km north of Mudgee, 1.5km past Hadabob Road. 

Hands on Rock

These stencils of hands were made by the Wiradjuri people who occupied most of the central west of what is now New South Wales, and were one of the largest of Aboriginal language groups. This heritage site is about 12km east of Ulan and 2km on the left-hand side past the entrance to ‘The Drip’. 

One of the features of the walk is the relatively unspoilt forest that surrounds the area. It is typical of the vegetation that once covered this part of the ranges. Please treat this area with care and respect. A viewing platform has been built, and visitors are asked not to leave it or the walking path. 

The Drip

A towering sandstone cliff-face adorned with weeping grasses and ferns and dripping clear spring water into the river below (and a local favourite). ‘The Drip’ picnic area + walking track is situated 55 km (35 min) north of Mudgee on the Cassilis Rd (37km from Gulgong) and 10km past the village of Ulan. Look for signposting just north of the Ulan coal mine precinct.

Walkers need to wear sturdy shoes and be of average fitness. The track length is approx 1.5km (20 minutes) each way. The track begins at the Northern side of the parking area. 

Please note: Parking is located off the Ulan-Cassilis Road in The Drip carpark. Limited parking is available, and there are also spaces for caravans and small buses. Not suitable for large coaches. Ulan-Cassilis Road is a 100km/hr road. Please take care when entering and leaving The Drip carpark. Avoid parking on Ulan-Cassilis Road, as it is very dangerous to cross.

Ferntree Gully

This reserve protects an area of unique rainforest and western plant communities. The track to Ferntree Gully turns off from Bylong Valley Way 17km from Rylstone. It is a further 3 km on an unsealed track to the picnic area and start of walk. 

There are a number of walking tracks at Ferntree Gully that take you down into the cool narrow ferntree-studded valley floor, and/or around the top edge of the rocks where you can get an overview of the valley and the unusual rock formations on either side. Allow a minimum of one hour to do the loop walk and longer if you linger to enjoy the rock formations, ferns and orchids along the way. Take food and water. The walk through the gully, returning via the top track system, requires a reasonable degree of fitness. There is some scrambling over rocks and some quite steep ascents and descents on the steps leading into and out of the gully. 

 A damp section of the gully containing many tree ferns is accessible via a short boardwalk which allows comfortable access while protecting this sensitive part of the Reserve. 

Dunns Swamp (Ganguddy)

Just 25km east of Rylstone this popular camping and picnic spot, located on the banks of the Cudgegong River, is nestled amongst stunning sandstone pagoda rock formations. Walking tracks running alongside the waterway include one suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. 

Windamere Dam

Just 19 km south-west of Rylstone on the Cudgegong River in the Cudgegong Valley, and worth a visit for fishing, watersports, camping and caravanning.

Your journey starts here…

  • Take a guided walk through the enchanting Ferntree Gully.
  • Enjoy a spot of stargazing + explore the southern night skies at the Mudgee Observatory.
  • Pitch a tent or unroll a swag under the stars at one of the region’s many scenic campsites. Or if you like your creature comforts, try your hand at glamping. 
  • Enjoy a leisurely drive and take in the region’s breathtaking natural attractions, from fertile farmland surrounds and vineyards to spectacular sandstone escarpments.
  • Explore our local parks, or feed the ducks by the river. 
  • Pack a picnic full of local produce and make your way to a park or bushland to reconnect with nature.

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